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An Organic Store that doesn’t create waste !

Across Indian cities, spotting piles of garbage on street sides is an everyday experience. A huge amount of waste comprises plastic, the harmfulness of which is known by all.

Yet, we do very little on our part to conserve nature and take care of our surroundings. We hardly give back to the environment anything that we take from it.

While many of us resort to complaining, 26-year-old Akshay Agarwal from Kolhapur, Maharashtra grew up wanting to save the environment for the greater good.

A chartered accountant, Akshay grew up doing small things on his part to keep nature clean. Unlike many kids, he would be conscious not to throw chocolate wrappers on the streets.

To spread awareness about conserving the environment, he co-founded Adrish – a zero waste organic lifestyle store chain, along with Gajendra Choudhary. The first Adrish outlet was opened in Pune.

“We help our farmers follow natural and organic farming practices using the heirloom variety of crops. Our producers are motivated to follow slow process production practices which retain the essential nutrition in the products manufactured. The result is the creation of an organic supply system with the hope of a greener future.”

Adrish has come up with a new concept called the zero-waste organic buying experience. As a part of this idea, consumers who come to the store have to bring their own bag or container and buy products like cereals, pulses and grains not in packets, but loose.

This way, Adrish produces absolutely no waste.

Adrish’s effort to ensure that the future generations live in clean, green earth is worthy of appreciation.

Reference: The Logical Indian

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