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Mid-day meal that feeds Millions !

This is a daily scenario at the 133-year-old Sourashtra Boys Higher Secondary School in Madurai. Wrapped in the delicate pages of its glorious past, the school inspired the present-day Midday Meal Scheme.

Initially established to provide education to saurashtrians of South India who migrated from the Lata region of Gujarat, the main objective of the school has always leaned toward social good.

The school administration started the midday meal programme as an incentive for the parents to send their children to school.

Hence, in 1911, several trustees and philanthropists started one of the oldest noon-meal schemes employed in a school in India.

After the review, the State government then implemented the scheme across the State.
Although the menu changes daily, a few items like rice, sambar, rasam, pickle and buttermilk, are always constant.

With the noble cause at the forefront, the school expanded the scheme to include a free breakfast meal programme.
With the help of more than 100 voluntary donors, the school now serves a variety of items along with idli, pongal or puri for breakfast.

Their main objective was to provide education and nutrition to children who could not afford even a single meal a day, and they are proud to say that we were able to continue that for this long.

Reference: The Better India

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