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Sir Sundarlal Hospital has published a hospital formulary of 400 generic NLEM drugs

Sir Sundarlal Hospital, a teaching hospital affiliated with the Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS), Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, has published a hospital formulary (HF) to provide information about essential and non-essential drugs.

The hospital formulary will distinguish the essential and non-essential drugs and it is purely based on the national list of essential medicines (NLEM). The drug list contains only generic products, sources added.

Replying to queries from Pharmabiz, Dr. Suresh Saravdekar, honorary consultant at the hospital said the list contains details of 400 prescription medicines. From now on, the doctors at the hospital of the IMS will prescribe medicines only from this drug list prepared by the institute. The main objective of bringing out this formulary is to promote rational use of drugs and ensure its availability for 24×7 days. Another important aspect is to promote generic drugs and increase its availability on all the days in a week,

“We support only generic drugs manufactured in WHO-GMP companies and the manufacturers should have their own licences. In India there are about 2,200 WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units whose products are included in the formulary. In the tender process, companies which satisfy three conditions of ours such as own license, WHO GMP certification and licensed manufacturers should be allowed to participate in the tender process. No third party or loan licensee or distributors will be allowed to participate. This is mainly to ensure quality of the products which should be generic,” said Dr. Sarvadekar in an interaction with Pharmabiz.

He said there is a nexus between physicians and pharmaceutical distributors in procuring drugs to a hospital. As far as Sir Sundarlal Hospital is concerned, its IP wards accommodate nearly 1,500 patients and the total medication expenses per annum come around Rs.15 crore.

While talking about distribution of drugs in government hospitals, Dr Sarvadekar, who was assistant director at the ministry of medical education and health under Maharashtra government, said even today drugs are supplied to the government hospitals in Maharashtra by WHO GMP approved companies. Similarly, drugs are procured for ESI hospitals and defense hospitals are from companies with WHO certification.

Reference: The Pharmabiz

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