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Garbage lake turns into a Floating Island !

It’s no secret that Bengaluru is on the verge of an imminent acute water crisis. According to the Centre for Science and Environment, the number of water bodies in Bengaluru has fallen by 79% as a consequence of unplanned urbanisation and encroachment, while the “built-up area has increased from eight per cent in 1973 to 77% now.”

There is a now a realisation that the water situation in Bengaluru has reached a critical phase, and something needs to be done to preserve these lakes.

Responding to these concerns, Biocon Foundation, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Biocon Ltd, India’s largest bio-pharmaceutical company, undertook a Rs 7 crore project to rejuvenate the dying 35-acre Hebbagodi Lake located off Hosur Road in Southeast Bengaluru.

The Foundation began their project by first identifying the sources of pollution.There were five inlets through which sewage was coming in. During the course of this project, the area of Hebbagodi, which was once a village, became a township. This gives you some idea about the rapid growth in economic activity within the period in which we were doing this programme.

Since the Foundation is fabricating these floating islands in-house, they can do it in a cost-effective and time-bound manner. The beauty of these floating wetlands is that they are now the nesting ground for a variety of bird species.

Meanwhile, there is regular engagement with locals, imparting to them the necessary discipline required to keep the area free of garbage. More importantly, the water is largely become cleaner.

Since the city has no river in close proximity, local communities earlier relied on the lakes for their water supply. This made them keep the lakes clean, as they saw the value in these water bodies.

Reference: The Better India

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