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New production site in Haryana by Péters Surgical

The French medical device manufacturer Péters Surgical has inaugurated its new production site in Manesar, Haryana.

Expanding its expertise into developing, manufacturing and marketing of single use medical devices for operating room, the opening of this brand new facility will contribute greatly in improving the quality of patient care and contribute to the success of surgical procedures by developing high-performance medical devices in India.

Péters Surgical is the only French company designing, manufacturing and selling surgical sutures and is the European leader in haemostatic clips. Present in 90 countries globally, the company has now chosen India to go further and expanded its manufacturing facility in India.

Spread across 17,000 square feet area, the Manesar site will be essential in moving up the quality scale of our needles workshop along with increasing our production capacity. Furthermore, a new clean room with ISO 8 ground floor will be operational by 2020. Designed to manufacture world class medical devices, the facility will adopt an environment friendly approach, with the use of solar panels for power generation, water recycling and waste treatment processes.

Although the Indian facility is currently focused on surgical sutures, the company is also working on other products such as Surgical Clips (with re-usable appliers and single use), single use Laparoscopic Instruments, Surgical meshes, Tissue glues etc.

In addition to its expertise in product manufacturing, Péters Surgical is also looking at building a R&D, IT and global logistic hub in India to reinforce its presence and keep on delivering above-standard customer service. This would mean increased local employment in India.

Acknowledging the ‘Make in India’ initiative, Péters Surgical plans on bringing more products and strengthen its manufacturing capabilities in India, the company plans significant investments in the near future towards that end.

Reference: Pharmabiz.com

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