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Transformation by the power of the Sun !

In a state like Jharkhand, where an uninterrupted power supply is still a distant dream even in the capital, 12 villages housing more than 500 families in two blocks (Gumla and Raidih) are getting a 24×7 power supply, thanks to solar electrification.

There was no power connection in the village earlier, and people used to light kerosene lamps at night.
Now, the villagers of Bhinjpur have light bulbs, television and the latest electrical gadgets. The kitchens of their houses have been upgraded, and the women can be seen using mixers instead of mortar and pestles, and cooling water in fridges.

The village, which had no electricity connection, was freed from the lantern era in 2017 with Pradan’s help.

More than 30 houses in the village not only have television sets but also DTH connections.
Drigpal Singh, a resident of Bhinjpur village and member of the Panchayat Sadasya Samiti at Kobja Panchayat, says, “Earlier, we were cut off from the entire world, but now, we can watch the happenings across the globe on our television.”

Pradan has successfully entered the third year of the solar electrification project in 12 villages of the district. Further, since the project started, none of these villages has suffered a power cut even for a minute.

Solar electricity is also helping the villagers to earn a better living. Right from using solar power in irrigation and farming to starting their own photocopy and cold drink shops, the villagers have come a long way.

In its third year of solar electrification, Pradan now works towards providing clean drinking water using solar water filters in 12 villages. These fall under seven Gram Panchayats in Gumla–Parsa, Kansir, Sikoe, Kobja, Jarjatta, Silam and Dumardih.

Reference: The Better India

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