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The #BYOC Challenge !

The war against plastic has been waged, and it is gaining moment among residents of Bengaluru’s Whitefield. And their strategy is nothing short of innovative this time.

Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC) challenge calls for residents to carry their own steel glasses, plates or containers instead of using plastic or paper cutlery. And post pictures it on social media with #BYOC.

The brainchild behind the unique campaign is city-based Rishita Sharma. The co-founder of ‘Rent-a-Cutlery’ and ‘Green Utsav’ threw open the challenge on October 6.

While Rent-A-Cutlery rents out steel cutlery for events, Green Utsav ensures zero-waste events by providing reusable decorations and homemade food in reusable boxes and eco-friendly return gifts.

One of the residents who undertook the challenge is Rekha Aravind from Brookefield. She added how her family members carry their cutlery kits to use everywhere they go. This includes a steel spoon, a fork and a straw.

In addition to extending to several localities, the initiative has also crossed international borders.

Isn’t it a challenge that deserves to be replicated in every Indian city?

Reference: The Better India

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