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Bringing School to Homes !!

Education has the potential to elevate a person and their family through the inculcation of social responsibility, increased awareness and improved financial conditions. Even as educationists are propagating the need for literacy, thousands are deprived of a proper education thanks to outdated teaching methods or a lack of true commitment. However, one school in Gujarat is changing this in a very innovative fashion.

Gopalkrishna Patel, the principal of Nava Nadisar Primary School in Godhra, Gujarat, realised that hundreds of children in the district were not taking admissions in any school. Many of these students came from economically backward families, for whom education seemed like a futile expense.

To highlight the importance of schooling amidst such feelings, Patel decided to take the school assembly to various neighbourhoods of his Godhra village. The assembly is an open event and the residents of the locality, as well as parents of children, can come and witness.

The school focuses on making education a coherent activity for students and teachers. Outdoor classes, games to inculcate the habit of reading and intimate discussions about various subjects are what make the school a fun place.

With unique efforts like these, teachers and schools are proving that when it comes to education, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. It also tells us that we need to approach illiteracy according to the particular needs of students, parents and the society in the bigger picture.

Reference: The Better India

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