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One step forward to harness Solar Energy by locals !!

While most residents continue to be sceptical about investing in solar energy for their power requirements due to high costs, one Mumbai housing complex is setting the trend.

Mulund Darshan Housing Complex has taken one step forward to harness solar energy to fulfil 81% of its electricity needs.

The solar grid is expected to generate approximately 16,900 units in a year and 45-50 units per day.This generated power will be used to light up common areas including lifts, staircase lightings, and water pumps for the two wings.
The housing complex has a net metering policy in place which will connect the solar grid system to the electricity grid.

The private company behind the installation, Avishakti Rooftop Solar reveals that the system will help the society mitigate up to 15.30 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year.

Besides, it will help save ₹1,34,000 annually!

While the members of the society agree that the initial cost of the installation was a bit high, they add that their detailed discussions with the Avishakti team helped them understand the benefits of the system, including its durability, lifespan, and power generation mechanism.

With non-renewable resources depleting fast, Mulund Darshan Society’s step to adopt solar energy and change their lifestyle is certainly commendable.

Reference: The Better India

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