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Noida to Become Zero-Discharge City !

Ensuring that no untreated water is released into the Yamuna, the Noida Authority will now treat 100 million litres of sewage water a day to cater to the increasing number of high-rise apartments, biodiversity parks and green belts!

This city in Uttar Pradesh is well on course to become zero sewage discharge city. Earlier this week, the city’s municipal body, the Noida Authority, had announced that its massive sewage treatment plant in Sector 168 has raised its capacity from 50 million litres per day (MLD) to 100 in an attempt to cater to a growing number of high-rise apartments.

The treated water in this Sector 168 plant will pass through 20 km of pipelines to irrigate parks and other “green areas” of neighbouring Sectors instead of dumping untreated water into the Yamuna river. In fact, the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) was set up in Sector 168 primarily to facilitate the dumping of only treated water in the polluted river.

As per reports, the water is being transported by pipelines measuring 90mm to 400mm in diameter and 20 km in length, from the Sector 168 STP to the nearby green areas. Prior to this initiative, the authorities would irrigate these green patches by extracting groundwater.

“With this, Noida would not only achieve the ambitious target of recycling all its STP waste but also help in reducing dependence on groundwater as well as fresh water for horticulture purpose.

Today, Noida has a total of six STPs across Sectors 54, 50, (two each) and 123, 168, with the capacity to treat a total of 231 MLD of sewage, which is beyond the 175 MLD the city currently generates. However, a recent study by IIT-Roorkee in 2016 has estimated that by 2021, not only will this city’s population rise from 10 to 25 lakhs, but the amount of sewage it will generate will be around 310 MLD.

Reference: The Better India

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