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Hyderabad MBA quits job to feed 1200 orphans per month !

With a perennial smile on his face, a man dressed in a white kurta, pyjamas, and a taqiyah adorning his head, cooks in an open green field.

Mixing ingredients, he whips up mouthwatering recipes from different Indian and sometimes, even international cuisines.

His channel with more than 220 videos—from the iconic Nizami biryani to a non-oven recipe of black forest cake, and thick shakes made from dragon fruit, figs, custard apple and a host of other tropical fruits—has garnered over 7,00,000 subscribers from across the world.

While the food being cooked is no doubt delicious, it is the cause that it caters to, that has made the Hyderbadi an internet sensation. Once cooked, all of the food is distributed to children in orphanages. No video is complete without a few shots of these happy and satisfied faces, making an appearance in the end.

The team feeds close to 1200 kids every month, and posts two to three videos every week, on an average. Multiply that by two years, and you can imagine what the impact of these food distribution drives looks like!

Khwaja started reading cookbooks, watching videos and learning about the different cuisines from different corners of India.

The man who once worked a nine-hour shift in the comfort of an air conditioner was now working 12-13 hours a day in the heat. From travelling to find the right location to shoot, acquiring quality ingredients, researching recipes, prepping ingredients, cooking the food in gigantic vessels, mastering the basics of spice portions and distributing them to beneficiaries, he realised that it was a lot of hard work.

When they started, for close to four months, Shrinath, Bhagat, and he did all the work. Today, they have a team of seven members to help us. All of us are equally passionate about food and the cause we are working for.

Every video that is put out has a story of its own.

He may only be Khwaja for the people that know him, but for these kids that find love, affection and belonging in the food that he serves them, Khwaja will always be the ‘Nawab’ whose kitchen doors will always remain open for them so that they never go hungry.

Reference: The Better India

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