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New series by the Polyplastics group !

The Polyplastics Group, Japan’s first specialized manufacturer and marketer of engineering plastics, has announced the development of the Duracon polyoxymethylene (POM) PM series for drug contact and delivery applications for the medical/healthcare market. The new PM series complements Polyplastics’ TOPAS cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), a high-purity material for a range of medical applications.

The first grade under the PM series, Duracon POM PM09S01N, delivers global medical and food regulatory compliance. In a changing and growing marketplace, medical device manufacturers and end users demand high-quality materials and reliable suppliers, according to Polyplastics, which is a global manufacturer of POM materials for diverse end-use markets.

The material also adheres to strict quality management systems, including conformity to VDI Guideline/VDI 2017 medical-grade plastics. It also provides full traceability of processes and products, and production management based on the GMP principle. Polyplastics also provides uniform quality and global supply.

Polyplastics offers medical device manufacturers extensive data on the long-term reliability of its materials. Customized data on extraction, moldability, durability, slip and wear, and other key attributes are also available.

TOPAS COC is a glass-clear and highly pure plastic which offers stiffness and barrier resistance, biocompatibility, and drug compatibility for wearables, drug delivery, medical devices, pharmaceutical blisters and trays, and diagnostics and microfluidics.

Reference: The Pharmabiz.com

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