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Take responsibility for your own plastic waste !

Many states in India, like Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu are taking serious steps to curb the menace of plastic pollution. In fact, while Tamil Nadu has proposed a formal plastic ban in January 2019, the ban has already been informally implemented in several places.

But even as we dispose of our plastic bags, and purchase cloth bags instead, certain plastic materials seem unavoidable. Take plastic bottles and wrappers for instance. How do you buy chips and soft drinks without the plastic containers they come in? Giving them up collectively is a far-fetched, impossible suggestion.

S Parthasarathy, the Municipal Commissioner of Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu issued a notice to a beverage multinational corporation (MNC) asking them to take charge of the plastic mess they are responsible for.

According to the Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules 2016, companies like PepsiCo should collect back the plastic waste being generated by its brand items by itself or assign some party to do so.The companies, of course, are required to pay for these services. But they can come up with ways to collect the plastic bottles, wrappers or other packaging items themselves.

Our town is polluted by the waste generated by your brand items. It is your duty to dispose of your brand waste without causing damage to the environment as per government rules.If more companies like this one take responsibility for their carbon footprint, making efforts to recycle their plastic waste, maybe we will soon see a greener and cleaner India.

Reference: The Better India

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