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apintus Labs R&D Centre

The apintus R&D Centre is engaged in development of new products for the company and also in process development and trouble shooting for the regular running products. The R & D at apintus is powered with highly efficient team which is also closely monitoring the process parameters and suggesting optimized conditions for improved Yields and lower impurities, hence the better quality in the process.

apintus R&D centre has helped company commercialize lab scale processes through pilot scale and have developed a few existing products to various clients, there by deriving exceptional value to their respective business propositions. Our R&D equipped with bench scale & kilo level equipment’s & a dedicated analytical lab.


We understands international practices of large magnitudes and have in place strategic secrecy & exclusive arrangements for contract manufacturing.

apintus Labs takes every step in safeguarding the privacy & rights of its esteemed customers and in consideration with this, it assures that all its Associates (Employees) are sworn to maintain secrecy at high levels. Clients can be rest assured with its commitment of maintaining the secrecy of non-disclosure agreements.

The R&D efforts are directed towards the development of non infringing process technology of API and Advanced Intermediates, and specially catering our Specialized Synthesis unit.

  • Our R&D is capable of developing and synthesizing molecules from milligram up to kilo levels.
  • We undertake challenging & complex chemical synthesis based on specific customer requirements.
  • The department has developed a number of products for European customers with complete Confidentiality and Exclusivity.

Scale – up Capabilities :

Our Integrated R&D facility has an pilot / scale up set up where milligram molecules can be scaled up to kilogram levels

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