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Indian Pharma market clocks growth of 12.6% in September 2016

According to AIOCD Pharmasofttech AWACS Pvt Ltd the Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) clocked Rs.9,792 crore in September, 2016 and registered growth 12.6 per cent against 9.8 per cent in the similar period of last year. For the month of September 2016, amongst the top 10, Lupin grew at 19.6 per cent, Sun Pharma at 17.0 per cent followed by Abbott at 16.5 per cent. 25 corporate have crossed the growth of IPM for the month of September, 2016 amongst top 50. Amongst the top 50 corporate Boehringer Ingelheim has the highest growth of 44.7 per cent followed by Bharat Serums at 32.2 per cent and Janssen at 28.5 per cent.

The IPM crossed the Rs.9,000 crore mark continuously for the last 3 months and the market grows in double digits only second time in this financial year. Year CAGR for the IPM has been 12.1 per cent whereas the 4 year CAGR is 10.2 per cent.

Average growth for the quarter is 12.8 per cent against 11.5 per cent in the last year. Market has added Rs.1,094 crore over last year, whereas last year the market had added up Rs.779 crore. The market for a month crossed the Rs.1,000 crore incremental value for continuous 2 months now.

For month of September 2016, the GDs as 6.5 per cent in volumes, 2.7 per cent in price increases and 3.4 per cent in NIs. September 2016 quarter saw a volume growth of 6.7 per cent & price growth the lowest in last 6 quarters at 2.8 per cent.

Volumes are the drivers for September 2016 month and has been above 5 per cent in the last 2 months. Price component for the month is at 2.9 per cent which is lowest after 24 months in IPM. The last lowest price growth in GDs was in August 2014. Price component in the GDs have been continuously going down from April 2016.

The FDCs related market degrew at 23.5 per cent whereas the Non FDCs market grew at 13.6 per cent. The non FDC market has grown in double digits for the last 3 months. From a GD perspective the FDC containing market showed a huge volume degrowth of 29.3 per cent. Indian companies degrew by 28.0 per cent in the FDC portfolio whereas the MNCs degrew by 13.1 per cent for September 2016 month.

The new companies launched within last 36 months is being led by Koye Pharma followed by Saffron Therapeutics and Brinton Healthcare. Koye Pharma crosses Rs.100 crore within 36 months of launch in IPM amongst new companies 54 corporate have growth more than the quarter growth of the IPM for the September 2016 quarter. Corporates having high quarter performance includes Boehringer, Centaur, Corona, Zuventus, Bharat Serums, Indoco, Aristo, Unichem, Medley, Eris, Hetero, Win – Medicare, Micro, Blue Cross, JB Chemicals, Ipca, Mankind, Janssen, Wallace, Systopic, Emcure, USV, Himalaya, Sun amongst others in Top 60.

Indian companies have grown at 13.3 per cent versus 10 per cent for MNCs in September 2016. Amongst the top 50 in MNCs, Boehringer grew at 44.7 per cent followed by Janssen at 28.5 per cent and Abbott at 16.5 per cent. Under the Non-NLEM category Indian companies grew at15.7 per cent whereas MNCs grew at 12.6 per cent.

From therapy perspective 10 therapies have outgrown the IPM growth. Respiratory market grew at 16.8 per cent, gastrointestinal market grew at 10.9 per cent, pain & analgesics market grew at 13.7 per cent whereas anti-infectives grew at 6.7 per cent.

Anti-diabetic market grows at 20 per cent and cardiac at 11.9 per cent, neuro/CNS at 11.9 per cent in chronic business. Anti-malarials grew at 38.6 per cent, VMS market at 11.4 per cent. Derma market grew by 10.8 per cent and urology market at 14.6 per cent.

From regional perspective 14 regions have outgrown the IPM growth. Karnataka market grew the highest at 22.2 per cent followed by Saurashtra market at 20.8 per cent and Chattisgarh market at 17.5 per cent. One region had negative growth in September 2016.

Amoxycillin + clavulanic acid market grew at 7.3 per cent and glimepiride + metformin market grew at 30.2 per cent. The markets of paracetamol grew at 33.6 per cent, atorvastatin -6.9 per cent, probiotic microbes at 14.6 per cent, bacillus clausi market at 22.1 per cent, cefixime at 5.6 per cent, pantoprazole at 9.7 per cent, montelukast + levocetrizine at 31.6 per cent, glimepiride + metformin + pioglitazone at -19.7 per cent and vitamin-D at 5 per cent.

Mixtard leads the pack with Rs.43 crore followed by Glycomet GP and Monocef at Rs.34 crore, Spasmoproxyvon plus at Rs.31 crore, Galvus Met at Rs.29 crore for September 2016. Few brands who have gained ranks include Revital H (+44), Ecosprin AV (+36), Monocef O (+35), Udiliv (+32), Zoryl M (+31), Aciloc RD (+29), Gluconorm G (+28), Dolo (+27), Meronem, Duolin (+22), Novomix, Istamet (+20), etc.

Total 270 brands & 471 SKUs launched in September 2016. Lurasidone is the new molecule launched in September 2016. Itraconazole sees 2 more players wheras Teneligliptin market sees 5 new brands in September 2016. Top 5 New brands for September 2016 are Kabimethate, Luramax, Ambrodil Plus RF, Lurasid & Hilo. Biggest Launch by MNCs – Tasigna HGC by Novartis.


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